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2014 Gift Commitment

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Please select your contributions below by indicating the amount you would like deducted from each paycheck.

Please note: A minimum contribution of $4.00 per pay is required. If you are interested in giving a gift that is less than $4.00 per pay, please call 202-444-0721. All payroll deduction pledge payments begin January 3, 2014 and will occur for the 26 pay periods in 2014. If you have fewer than 26 pay periods, please use the print version of this form.
Please designate per pay amount. You may contribute to more than one entity
(FOR REFERENCE: $4/pay = $104 annual gift; $15/pay = $390 annual gift; $25/pay = $650; $50/pay = $1,300 annual gift)
$ /pay:  MedStar Georgetown University Hospital $ /pay: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
$ /pay:  MedStar Health Research Institute $ /pay: MedStar National Rehabilitation Network
$ /pay:  MedStar Visiting Nurse Association $ /pay: MedStar St. Mary's Hospital
$ /pay:  MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center $ /pay: MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
$ /pay:  MedStar Union Memorial Hospital $ /pay: MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
$ /pay:  MedStar Washington Hospital Center $ /pay: MedStar Harbor Hospital
$ /pay:  MedStar Health
MedStar Associate: Do not type into the "per-pay deduction" area below. Your yearly pledge amount will be calculated for you automatically based on your designations listed above.
Per-pay deduction $ X 26 pays for a total deduction/gift of $

I acknowledge that by checking this box and typing my name and date, I authorize MedStar Georgetown University Hospital to deduct this gift from my pay as a charitable contribution for the year of 2014.
(Note: Deduction line on paystub will say “Donation.”)
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Please print this completed form for your records. We will also send you a receipt for tax purposes.